Food Spotlight

Toro Sashimi

Attention Toro Lovers

There’s a new item on our menu: Toro sashimi!  Our Toro sashimi is sustainably ranched bluefin served simply with a sprinkling of cucumber. When lightly dipped in soy, the result is a rich, melt-in-your-mouth experience that we think our guests will love. At this time, the new menu item is available only for our outdoor dining guests at both SUGARFISH and KazuNori.

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Uni and Ikura sushi in to-go box

Uni and Ikura available to-go

Uni and Ikura (Salmon Eggs) are now available to-go for the first time ever on our Los Angeles limited availability menu

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Plate with single piece of SUGARFISH abalone nigiri

Food Spotlight: Abalone

At Nozawa Bar and the Sushi Nozawa Group, we painstakingly plan how we serve every dish in order to highlight the flavors and textures of each main ingredient. But we also take very seriously the question of what we choose to serve with respect to sustainability, opting to either stop serving certain species or sourcing the same species from a more sustainable source — but only if the fish meets our quality standards. Abalone is a good example. Considered a […]

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Hand holding not-yet-rolled lobster handroll

Food Spotlight: Lobster

The lobster hand roll is one of the most popular dishes we serve at SUGARFISH. The lobster is gently cooked and mixed with a touch of mayonnaise, then, along with our signature warm rice, it’s wrapped up in a crispy sheet of nori. For our hand and cut rolls, we serve Maine lobster (homarus americanus), which is prized for its sweet, tender flesh and giant claws. Most Americans think of Maine lobster as the best, and we couldn’t agree more! […]

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Single piece of anago, or saltwater eel, nigiri

Food Spotlight: Anago and Unagi

For thousands of years, eel has been an important part of Japanese cuisine. There are two main types of eel: saltwater, or anago, and freshwater, or unagi. While they are both eels, unagi and anago have very different tastes and textures. Unagi is the richer and more flavorful of the two and is full of umami; we serve it at SUGARFISH and are working on a hand roll for KazuNori.  When our team travels to Japan, one of Nozawa’s absolute […]

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Dish of soy sauce

Food Spotlight: Soy Sauce

Soy sauce in its current form was created about 2,200 years ago, making it one of the world’s oldest condiments. It is a popular complement to many Asian cuisines, including sushi, that lends an earthy, umami flavor. Soy sauce, or shoyu, is made of soybeans, wheat, salt and water, plus “koji.”  The soybeans are soaked, boiled, and combined with the roasted wheat, and then the koji – a mold culture for the fermentation process – is added.  The mixture is […]

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Dish of thinly sliced jellyfish sashimi

Food Spotlight: Kurage

Kurage, or jellyfish, has been a surprise favorite for guests at Nozawa Bar. Just after we opened five years ago, we served kurage as something new for guests to try. Because it’s such an unusual dish, we were not sure of how it would be received. Happily, our guests’ reaction has been so positive that we try to serve it every day it’s available. Our kurage is flown in from Japan, and we serve it as sashimi, sliced and simply prepared with […]

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Knife cutting slab of tamago, or cooked egg

Food Spotlight: Tamago

Tamago, Japanese for “egg,” is essentially a Japanese omelet made by rolling together several layers of cooked egg. Traditionally, tamago is prepared with a combination of eggs, rice, vinegar, sugar, and sometimes soy sauce or sake. The chef then uses a makiyakinabe, or special rectangular omelet pan, to cook the egg, layer after layer, carefully folding it upon itself. Many sushi lovers gauge a chef’s skills by how well artfully they prepare their tamago. At Nozawa Bar, Chef Fujita slices the […]

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