Sushi and Health

Sushi & Health

Eating a diet rich in healthy fish can bring significant health benefits.

Virtually all of the fish and shellfish we serve contain Omega-3 fatty acids. These “good fats” are necessary for human health, but they must come from food since the body cannot produce them. Omega-3s are thought to play an essential role in brain function as well as normal growth and development. Research has also shown them to be helpful in reducing inflammation and in supporting cognitive and behavioral function.

We test our entire Trust Me menus for overall nutritional content, and are pleased that our Trust Me menus represent a healthy balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrate that is relatively low in calories. Eating a level of calories appropriate for maintaining healthy body weight is also beneficial to overall health. According to, a 35-year-old, 5’5”, moderately active woman who weighs 120 pounds should consume 1,942 calories a day. A 35-year-old, 5’10”, moderately active man who weighs 180 pounds should consume 2,850 calories a day.

Nutritional tests were performed on all of the Trust Me menus we serve at SUGARFISH.  Below is the detailed information for each individual Trust Me and Set Menu. These measurements and percentages are the best representation of each menu. Items do change from time to time based on fish availability.

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Generated by wpDataTables

ALL DAY To Go Trust Me To Go Trust Me Lite To Go Trust Me Nozawa
Total Cal 827 567 886
Total Protein (g.) 53.5 29.1 56.1
Total Fat (g.) 24.7 17.7 24.8
Total Carb (g.) 95.6 71.4 107
% Protein (g.) 26% 21% 26%
% Fat (g.) 27% 28% 25%
% Carb (g.) 47% 51% 49%
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KazuNori: The Original Hand Roll Bar Calories
3 Hand Roll Set 368
4 Hand Roll Set 458
5 Hand Roll Set 621
6 Hand Roll Set 734
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Last updated on September 2018