Old School Value

Traditional-based Sushi

Our food and unique omakase-style service are based on Chef Nozawa’s 50 years of experience and early training with master chefs in Tokyo.


New School Approach

Don't Think. Just Eat.

At SUGARFISH, you’ll experience sushi as Nozawa has intended, and you’ll find that we do some things differently.

An important point about Nozawa-style sushi is his strict adherence to traditional sushi: You’ll find no California rolls, spicy tuna rolls, or teriyaki at SUGARFISH. Chef Nozawa believes the sushi experience should be pure and simple. We want to build on that foundation for our guests.

Our Story


We focus, first and foremost, on the quality of our ingredients. In order to consistently maintain that focus without excessive costs, we also concentrate on simplicity. We want dining at SUGARFISH to be easy and friendly for all of our guests. You could simply follow Chef Nozawa’s mantra: “Don’t Think. Just Eat.”

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Our Circle of Like-Minded Restaurants

SUGARFISH is one of many restaurants operated by Sushi Nozawa Group, which also includes KazuNori: The Original Hand Roll Bar and Nozawa Bar. SUGARFISH is a full-service restaurant obsessively focused on the quality of the sushi. Nozawa Bar is a fine-dining, omakase-only sushi bar for the adventurous sushi eater. KazuNori: The Original Hand Roll Bar, is a casual restaurant with a singular focus on serving the freshest, highest quality hand rolls.

Our sister restaurants, HiHo Cheeseburger and UOVO share the same focus, commitment and obsession on the quality of food.




Social Distancing &
Food Safety

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We ask that you follow our
strict social distancing policies by maintaining
six feet of distance between you and other people
when picking up your to-go orders.
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