Sushi & Sustainability

Sushi & Sustainability

Sustainability is and has always been, an important consideration for us. We constantly question what we can serve versus what we should serve, and there are no simple answers. How do we serve great sushi that satisfies our requirements for food safety, healthfulness, and exceptional quality without excessively burdening the oceans?

We make the best-informed decisions we can by not only consulting with marine researchers but also doing our own research about the health of the oceans’ fish stocks. We strive to source and purchase farmed fish and shellfish where new, more sustainable techniques are utilized and to find wild fish that are managed or caught responsibly. 

We want to continue to serve delicious sushi made with nutritious, healthful, and sustainably caught or raised fish. To that end, you will see us experiment with new, more ecologically friendly menu items that may replace existing items if we become concerned about them from a sustainability perspective. We strive to make the best decisions we can for our guests, the oceans, and our future.

As always, we welcome your comments.

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