Our Birthday Club

Birthday Club

To celebrate with our most loyal guests
on the day of their birthday

Birthday Club Members

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review the status of your check-ins.

Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for us to process your check-in.
We DO NOT SEND confirmation emails after each check-in.

How to Participate



  1. Ask your server for a check-in/registration card.
  2. Fill out the card with your email and turn it in to your server.
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to you with a link to complete your registration. Enter your name and birthdate to join our registry.

Guests must register and complete their profile before their birthday to be eligible to receive their Birthday Trust Me gift.


  1. Dine In: Each time you dine at SUGARFISH, complete another check-in card with your registered email address and turn it in to your server. Only one check-in card may be completed per person, per visit.
  2. To-Go Pick-Up: A $15 minimum pick-up-order must be placed to qualify for a check-in. To-go pick-up-orders will receive one check-in card per order, but if more than one meal is ordered, additional cards can be requested so that multiple guests can check-in on the same to-go order. 
  3. Delivery: Check-in cards will not be issued for third-party delivery services (e.g. Postmates).

Check-in cards are considered valid only when they are legibly completed and collected by a SUGARFISH server at the end of the meal or at to-go order pick-up.

We do not send confirmation emails for each check-in. Log in to your member account to find out your current status, allowing a minimum of 24 hours after the day of check-in to see the visit reflected in your account.



  1. Check-ins must be made on site during your visit with us. We cannot accept receipts as a substitute for check-in cards.
  2. Two check-ins are required to be eligible for a birthday Trust Me. Each registered guest needs to check-in using our check-in cards on at least two separate occasions and at least 24 hours before his or her birthday— in other words, at least two check-ins between birthdays. For example, if your birthday is on December 15, you will need to check-in at SUGARFISH twice between December 16, 2018, and December 14, 2019, in order to receive your complimentary birthday Trust Me on December 15, 2019.
  3. Check-ins submitted on the day you receive your birthday gift will not be counted towards next year’s birthday check-ins.
  4. If you choose to unsubscribe from our emails, you will be ineligible for our birthday gift.


If you qualify for a birthday Trust Me:

  1. You will receive a confirmation email 1 week prior to your birthday. (Please check your spam mail filter if you don’t receive it.)
  2. A BIRTHDAY GIFT email will be sent the evening prior to your birthday.
  3. Present the BIRTHDAY GIFT email - either a printed copy or the electronic version on your phone - to the server when you celebrate with us on the day of your actual birthday.

A birthday gift from SUGARFISH is exclusively for you as our valued guest. It is not transferable in any way, and your gift will only be given once on the ACTUAL day of your birthday.*

If, for any reason, someone who is eligible but unable to receive our gift on the day of their birthday, then we are sadly not able to give them their gift or celebrate with them that year. We value ALL of our guests, but we don’t make exceptions to our rules, no matter how compelling the reason.

*The only times when our rules permit guests to receive their gift on a day other than their birthday is when our restaurants are closed or have limited hours. For birthdays on days when SUGARFISH is closed, guests can claim their birthday gift either the day before or after their birthday.  For birthdays on days when SUGARFISH is open only for lunch, guests can claim their birthday gift either on their birthday or on the day before their birthday. You can receive your birthday gift at any SUGARFISH location for dine-in only (no to-go orders).


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