Food Spotlight: Lobster

Hand holding not-yet-rolled lobster handroll

The lobster hand roll is one of the most popular dishes we serve at SUGARFISH. The lobster is gently cooked and mixed with a touch of mayonnaise, then, along with our signature warm rice, it’s wrapped up in a crispy sheet of nori.

For our hand and cut rolls, we serve Maine lobster (homarus americanus), which is prized for its sweet, tender flesh and giant claws. Most Americans think of Maine lobster as the best, and we couldn’t agree more!

Recently, we have been serving a small Pink Lobster from New Zealand (metanephrops challengeri).  In New Zealand, it’s called “scampi,” and it looks like a cross between a lobster and a spot prawn (pandalus platyceros): while it’s the size of a spot prawn, it has a lobster’s hard shell and large claws. It’s considered a lobster because like the Maine lobster, Pink Lobster is in the Nephropidae, or Lobster, family. When we serve Pink Lobster as nigiri, it tastes like a cross between Maine lobster and sweet shrimp (amaebi), which is a spot prawn. The sweetness is the most striking aspect of its taste.

We also serve both lobsters in various preparations at the Nozawa Bar, and the Maine Lobster handroll is a popular mainstay at the original hand roll bar, KazuNori.

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