Knife cutting slab of tamago, or cooked egg

Food Spotlight: Tamago

Tamago, Japanese for “egg,” is essentially a Japanese omelet made by rolling together several layers of cooked egg. Traditionally, tamago is prepared with a combination of eggs, rice, vinegar, sugar, and sometimes soy sauce or sake. The chef then uses a makiyakinabe, or special rectangular omelet pan, to cook the egg, layer after layer, carefully folding it upon itself. Many sushi lovers gauge a chef’s skills by how well artfully they prepare their tamago. At Nozawa Bar, Chef Fujita slices the […]

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Illustration of tuna with various hangtag paper labels

Seafood Monitoring Project

Fish labeling can be more complicated than it seems. For instance, per the FDA, “Amberjack” is the only acceptable market name for five of six Seriola species despite variation in both price and taste. More confusing still is the fact that these species are traditionally sold under separate names in Japan (names like Kanpachi and Hamachi, which are different fish, and names like Hamachi or Buri, which are the same fish but at different ages.) Cras ultrices iaculis Fusce ultricies dolor a eros dignissim at […]

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