Food Podcast Air Jordan

Microphone image with Nozawa Bar, SUGARFISH, and KazuNori logos

This podcast is an entertaining and interesting look into the evolution of SUGARFISH, KazuNori, and Nozawa Bar. Jerry shares little-known facts not only about the restaurants and the food they serve but also about how he and Chef Nozawa became friends and the unlikely path that led him to the food business. Jerry and Jordan also discuss the special ingredients used in dishes at Sushi Nozawa Group’s sister restaurants Uovo and HiHo Cheeseburger and what might be next! Click here to listen.

If you love food, you will love last month’s episode of Air Jordan: A Food Podcast by Jordan Okun, which features an interview with Jerry Greenberg, one of Sushi Nozawa Group’s founders.


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