Tom Nozawa

Tom Nozawa oversees the back-of-house operations and supply chain of our restaurants.

Tom began his culinary career at Sushi Nozawa. He accompanied his father to the fish markets each morning to learn the art and science of selecting the best seafood, which he would then cut according to his father’s meticulous standards. Later, he worked alongside his father, preparing the restaurant’s signature housemade sauces and condiments. Tom then spent three years in Japan where he worked in the front and back of the house in French and Japanese 3-star restaurants like Diane and Le Mirror under the direct management of celebrity chef Kiyomi Mikuni. In Los Angeles, his hometown, he worked at L’Orangerie.

Today, Tom is responsible for all kitchen operations at KazuNori, SUGARFISH, and the Nozawa Bar, including the essential task of procuring all fish and ingredients in coordination with his father. He also manages and trains the experienced team of sushi chefs who work in our kitchens.

Tom honors the simplicity and complexity of traditional sushi, the style for which his father has become known. He is dedicated to continuing his father’s sushi legacy, and his core mission is to deliver the very best bites to all of our patrons.