Sushi and Sustainability

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This is one of the toughest issues. How do we serve great sushi that satisfies our requirements for food safety, healthfulness, and exceptional quality without excessively burdening the oceans?

Not surprisingly, this issue is rife with great debate and disagreement. Our hope is that a combination of more stringent commercial fishing regulations and new methods of ecologically-friendly ocean- and land-based fish farming will reduce the strain of the growing demand for fish and shellfish. Meanwhile, we strive to source and purchase farmed fish and shellfish where new, more sustainable techniques are utilized and to find wild fish that is managed or caught responsibly. We do this realizing that the level of debate on these topics make “knowing” what to do sometimes unclear.

We do our best to learn about and support the health of fish stocks, and for that reason, we do not serve bluefin tuna at SUGARFISH. At Nozawa Bar, we some times serve bluefin that is sourced from a “ranching” operation that we believe to be more sustainable. We believe there is ample evidence demonstrating that the bluefin species is close to being fished to near extinction in the wild, and we would like to see the bluefin stocks recover. Similarly, we are fearful that without careful management, the bigeye and yellowfin tuna species that we do serve could also soon be endangered.

We want to continue to serve delicious sushi made with nutritious and healthful fish. To that end, you will see us experiment with new, more ecologically friendly menu items that may replace existing items if we become concerned about them from a sustainability perspective. We will also continue to research these topics to be able to make the best decisions we can for our guests, the oceans, and our future.

We will continue to share information with our guests on these topics, and as always, we welcome your comments.