15 for 15


Los Angeles Only

NOV 29 — DEC 13

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we’ve created 
a special menu that will run for 15 days.

The new menu features 15 bites, including dishes and
 presentations we have never served before, as well as 
some of our beloved favorites.

Our menu may change from day to day
(or even within the day) but will
generally follow the coursing below:


15 for 15 Anniversary Menu

2 orders of sashimi

2 orders of nigiri sushi, two pieces each

A hand roll

2 to 3 different pieces of nigiri sushi (gunkan style)

A sashimi “Sunomono style”

3 to 4 different pieces of nigiri sushi

And finally, a hand roll



The menu does include shellfish.

For this limited-time menu, we cannot make 
any substitution or allergy accommodations.

We apologize in advance.