Chef Nozawa

A legendary master sushi chef, Kazunori Nozawa is the visionary behind SUGARFISH. As President, Nozawa lends his 45 years of experience as a sushi chef to nearly every aspect of SUGARFISH. One of his chief responsibilities, however, is to procure the highest quality fish, leveraging his long-standing relationships with fishmongers worldwide to ensure that SUGARFISH purchases only the very best seafood for its customers.  Nozawa also oversees the training of the SUGARFISH staff, so that each item on the SUGARFISH menu is prepared to his exacting standards.

Chef Nozawa is best known for his namesake restaurant, Sushi Nozawa, where he presided behind the sushi bar for 25 years, serving simple, traditional sushi of the utmost quality. Since it opened in 1987, the restaurant received rave reviews, consistently placing in the top tier of the Zagat Guide’s overall food ratings and winning its best Japanese and best sushi categories, while also garnering a dedicated and enthusiastic following among Nozawa’s customers. Nozawa closed the restaurant in February 2012, which according to the NY Times, marked “most assuredly the end of an era, the departure of a chef whose advocacy of traditional Japanese sushi… swept across sushi restaurants throughout California.”

Nozawa’s passion and focus on authentic sushi are evident in every thing SUGARFISH serves: “Quality is the key to classic sushi; simple is always the best.”

Kazunori Nozawa, president
Yumiko Nozawa
Jerry A. Greenberg, ceo
Tom Nozawa, co-head of operations
Lele Massimini, co head of operations
Cameron Broumand, head of expansion and administration
Clement Mok, head of marketing and brand