Lele Massimini


Lele Massimini

Lele, who has been involved with SUGARFISH since its inception, is responsible for the operation of all SUGARFISH restaurants.

Born and raised in Rome, Italy, incredible food has always been a part of Lele’s life, from his family’s culinary traditions to eating pizza from the back of “Il Forno” in Campo De’ Fiori, his best friend’s father’s pizzeria.

He has actively been involved in the restaurant business for over twenty years, working in restaurants since the age of 14 and holding every position from kitchen to the front of the house, while exploring his interest in wines and service in general.

Lele studied Economics at “La Terza University” in Rome before coming to the United States in 2000, where he worked briefly in San Francisco before relocating to Los Angeles. In 2005, he was hired as General Manager at La Botte, one of only 3 Italian restaurants between Los Angeles and Las Vegas to be awarded a Michelin star in 2007, the first year that Michelin came to Los Angeles. He was introduced to Nozawa shortly after meeting Jerry in 2000. Their common passion for cooking and food sparked the bond for their friendship. Since 2007 he has been working towards the realization of SUGARFISH and continuously puts forth his best effort to improve and perfect all aspects of restaurant operations.

Kazunori Nozawa, president
Yumiko Nozawa
Jerry A. Greenberg, ceo
Tom Nozawa, co-head of operations
Lele Massimini, co head of operations
Cameron Broumand, head of expansion and administration
Clement Mok, head of marketing and brand